Let us show you the 5 steps you will need in planning, designing, buying and installing a playground. Grab our hand....

1. Designing & Quoting

Tell us what you want out of your play area and we'll do the rest together. Our in house designer can put your ideas into perspective with multiple design options. But first we need to know a little bit about your project.

Once we receive your project form, we'll provide you design options and quotes for your review. Then we can discuss the budgetary aspect of the project and how it will be funded.

2. Funding

Playground Fundraising

There are many options and opportunities when it comes to funding.

Grants and crowdfunding are often overlooked but provide a great way for entities to gain funds for their playground project. Let us connect you to these funds.

Financing is an option for Kinetic customers as well. With a small monthly payment, financing will allow your project to become a reality. It's easy to apply.

3. Purchase

Purchasing  Playground Equipment

You've got your commercial playground designed. The budget fits with funds secured. Now its time to purchase.

When you place your order 50% of the cost is due. Once payment is received you should allow 4 to 6 weeks for your equipment to be ready. This is industry standard for play equipment made in the U.S.A. The rest of payment will not be due until you have walked through your finished playground.

At the time of purchase we will schedule your playground installation and discuss a timeline of completion.

4. Installation

Installing Playground Equipment

Kinetic offers complete playground installation services. Depending on the size of your project, installation can take up to 2 weeks. 

All of our installers have been trained and adhere to the strictest commercial playground safety policies in the industry. Our crew is professional and thoughtful of your time and space.


5. Play

Once installation is complete the rest of your balance will be due. Then it is time to PLAY

With our warranty we are confident that your play area will stand strong for many years to come. With any product and the importance of safety, there will be need for maintenance. We are here to assist with any of those needs. Check out our Blog for safety and maintenance tips!